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11 souls are charged with conspiracy and violation of the FACE Act for protesting abortion in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee in 2021. The government wants to portray them as violent extremists. We want to show you who they are – normal people with normal lives who believe that murdering children is wrong. They have families, jobs, passions, and values. They are willing to risk their freedom in order to call out the insanity of calling abortion “healthcare.”

Stifled Cry will show you who these people are, why they are willing to face incarceration, what the FACE Act is and how it became federal law, and how the overturning of ROE in the DOBBS decision is barely the beginning of the fight against a culture of death.

Defending Innocent Life:
Noble or Evil?

As shown in the recent DC Trial, the DOJ will portray these people as violent and senseless, when the truth is that they are calling for peace and reason. We don’t want our friends and family to go to prison, but first and foremost, we want their story to be told accurately.


Storytelling is a powerful tool, and we want to use it to show the heart of those who are willing to follow their conscience, regardless of the consequences.

Defendants Paul Vaughn & Paul Place are fellow church members.

We've pulled back on our day jobs to dedicate time to this project, and all of the recording, writing, and production is done in our spare time.

Kyle Bradshaw

Producer | Writer | Presenter

Kyle is the son-in-law of Paul Vaughn, who wanted to ensure that people understood the heart of the defendants in this case. For his day job, he works in E-Commerce, and he has two children with his wife, Mariah.

Bo Schultz

Director | Writer | Editor

Bo is a story nerd that owns a small media production company, Storiedly. Before that he worked in Paul Vaughn’s business for several years. He has experience in web design, audio engineering, and podcasting.

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Producing quality content is time consuming and expensive. We've pulled back on our full time jobs to devote to this project. Any support you can give would be greatly appreciated.

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